Young Evangelisers

Young Evangelisers

There is no denying that the 21st century has been facing dynamic challenges – climate change, growing economic inequalities, and a global pandemic to name a few. Even the impact of information and technology in today’s generation has been both beneficial and detrimental. It is in these challenging times that the young are called to adapt and stand firm in faith.

As a young person,  I used to perceive evangelization as an immense responsibility of just the older generation and the leaders of the Church. However, the realities, conversations, and experiences I’ve had in both the real and digital worlds have made me realize that the young are already taking different roles in sharing His words and keeping the Catholic faith alive. A young evangelizer of today is as dynamic as the world:  

He/she is an innovative preacher. The young are equipped with the best technology to preach across borders. Using their own digital platforms, they have been brave enough to speak about their advocacies and faith. Every small act of kindness and every talent they have are shared to inspire others and ultimately, glorify God.

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He/she is a role model, a defender of truth. The young are constantly facing the challenge of discernment. The question on what is right or wrong has extended to even more complex questions of what’s acceptable to society and what society expects them to be. But the young are brave. They have the ability to challenge the system and preserve traditions at the same time. They stand up for truth in words and in actions.

He/she is a child, a friend. The young ones are always curious. Their genuine innocence make them both vulnerable and empowered. Their thirst for knowledge and desire for lasting relationships have taught them to be more trusting, accepting and non-judging. Their charm and wit will always find a way to bridge gaps between people and rekindle relationship with God.

He/she is a servant leader. Taking inspiraton from Jesus Christ, the young evangelizers work in humility. They put others first before themselves. They know that to be an effective preacher, role model and friend entails walking the talk. They believe that the best way to preach the Good News is to make others see Christ in them through acts of genuine service.

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